DAT-Arbanits are well recognized throughout major markets as a leading supplier of recyclable resources such as Ferrous Metal, Non-Ferrous Metal, Plastic, Paper, Cardbord and Textiles.

Through our extensive network of offices in Europe, Asia and North Africa, DAT-Arbantis have successfully shipped thousands of Metric Tonnes of recyclable materials to smelting plants and processing facilities around the world.

Recycling has become increasingly important to society as it reduces pollution, saves resources, reduces waste to landfill and prevents destruction through mining.

Recycled Metals

Main products which DAT-Arbantis supply:

Ferrous Scrap:
Heavy Melting Steel (HMS) ISRI200-206
Plate & Structural Scrap (PNS) ISRI231-232
Shredded Steel Scrap ISR211
Steel Cans ISRI213

Non-Ferrous Scrap:
Aluminium (Extrusion, T&T, Tense, Cables, Cans etc)


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