DAT-Arbantis Container Recovery Service offers a vital tool for Freight Carriers and Ship Owners to recover their blocked equipment from ports around the world. DAT-Arbantis Container Recovery Service assists Insurance companies and Cargo Owners to recuperate value from damaged, rejected or distressed cargos. DAT-Arbantis Container Recovery Service allows Port Authorities and Customs Authorities to alleviate the congestion in terminals and depots by disposing of abandoned and prohibited cargos.

DAT-Arbantis offer a complete service which include: Identifying causes of blockage, negotiation of demurrage and port fees, customs negotiations, surveying and quantifying of cargos, laboratory testing of materials, storage and warehousing of goods, reselling of damaged or rejected commodities, disposal of prohibited or waste cargos, local transport andĀ logistics. DAT-Arbantis have a long successful record of providing expert and professional service in the handling of distressed, damaged, rejected, prohibited or abandoned cargos. If you are a stakeholder in any problematic cargo situation then please feel free to contact DAT- Arbantis to determine how we can assist in the successful resolution of even the most complex issues.